Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What is your gift?

I am honored to attend a women's bible study called "Within The Word." We meet every Wednesday morning and we are led by a wonderful, Godly woman, Kathy Patton.  Her passion, love and gift is to bring God's word to women every week.   Through her teachings, many lives have been touched and changed.

We break for the holidays, so she can re-charge and study, so she can bring us more lessons.
We all wanted to show our appreciation, so I thought an album with pictures through the years would be a great gift.

I used to think that I didn't have any specific gift, especially anything special,  always comparing myself to other's talents.
Thankfully, I realized one day, God gives us each a different gift, and it's up to us to use it to glorify him and to bless others.

I started with adding a small journal to the front of the inside cover.  Each lady wrote a note of gratitude to Kathy.  It's tucked into a a plastic pocket I added.

Each page will have photos, in addition, each page holds a tag in a hidden pocket where I have added more pictures or special song lyrics.

I decorated pages with different laces and trims.

I also added special elements through out the book.  A pocket was made from a square doily, and I added a special scripture.
One page I added an accordion page where she can record blessings, praises and answered prayers.
I made 3 vellum bookmarks and stamped them with "faith, love, and hope."
I also made a page with a small envelope and filled it with vintage scripture cards.
On the he inside of the back cover, I added a journaling card , with one of my favorite scriptures.

To the binding, I made combined different charms and beads and threaded it through an eyelet.
I filled the album with over 30 photos that had been taken through the years.  It documented the journey from our early years and they show how we've grown- not in numbers, but in wisdom.  It documented  heartaches and more importantly, answered prayers.

I know making this album, is my gift, and a way to show appreciation to a woman that has changed my life.  I hope each of you recognize your gift and you use it in a way to bless others.