Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Shabby Tea Room Challange

MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2011

Week #68 - 'My Favorite Things'

Hello shabby friends and welcome to another fun week of inspiration and creativity here in the Tea Room! This week Sheri is our fabby host and she has chosen the theme of 'My Favorite Things' and asks that we create a card or project using your FAVORITE PAPERS AND EMBELLISHMENTS!

This is my 2nd entry for the week. Vintage and glass beads are also some of my favorite things. I included both on the anniversary card for my youngest son and daughter in law.
I love the color aqua and liked the combination of kraft paper lightly distressed. Topped it off with a paper flower and a glass bead charm.
Paper used: Memory Box - Valise
Hero Arts Kraft paper
Bead Treasures Color Gallery
Paper Studio- flat-backed pearls colored with Versa Mark-aqua

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Shabby Tea Room Challange

MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2011

Week #68 - 'My Favorite Things'

Hello shabby friends and welcome to another fun week of inspiration and creativity here in the Tea Room! This week Sheri is our fabby host and she has chosen the theme of 'My Favorite Things' and asks that we create a card or project using your FAVORITE PAPERS AND EMBELLISHMENTS!

Here is my card:
Some of my favorite things are: the color pink, gingham, hearts, lace, butterflies and flowers.
Paper used: The Girl's Paperie (Vintage Whimsy)
Jenny Bolen (Blue Gingham)
The Paper Studio (blue gingham)
The heart and tiny flowers were made with : Cricut Lite "Lacy Labels"

The stick pins were made with Bead Treasures "Color Gallery" from Michaels
The little butterfly and blue "flowerettes" are from:
"The Funkie Junkie's Etsy Shop"

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Wizard of Oz

wiz·ardof oz

The Wizard of Oz is a 1939 American Fantasy film and directed by Victor Fleming (and others) from a script to which Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson, Edgar Allan Woolf contributed, based on the 1900 children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, with musical elements. .... More »

It was always on a Sunday night; once year. Our dinner and baths were early,3 kids in there pj's by 6:00 pm so we would be ready for the most anticipated movie of the year, The Wizard of Oz. There was only 1 television in the house and the " remote control" hadn't been invented yet. (Well, dad actually had 3 remotes-my brother , myself and my younger sister ;) Our mom would always make a special treat- popcorn, brownies or fudge to munch on during the 2 hours we were mesmerized by this musical dream.

I think the reason I like gingham was because of Dorothy's blue dress. It was so crisp and clean looking and "Judy Garland" wore it!! I think I loved gingham a little more than the average little girl. Just look at the picture of what my bridesmaids wore in my wedding back in 1972. Each girl wore a different color of gingham. (What was I thinking!!)
Even now when I hear the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," it takes me back to my childhood. "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" always plays in my head like the "helium filled voices" of the munchkins.

The first part of the movie was in "sepia" and we were always amazed when after one commercial, the movie would suddenly burst with color. It was so vivid and made the movie even more captivating. The fields of poppies, the yellow brick road and the soft pastel dress of Glinda, the "good witch."

I loved all the characters. Well, maybe most of them. I wasn't fond of the the wicked witch of the "west". Her pointy nose, wicked ways and her voice, like nails on a chalkboard, made my skin crawl. They captured the pure essence of EVIL with her character. Her famous lines like "I'll get you my pretty" and "I'm melting" have never left my mind. I was so glad when she was put out all of our misery by melting her with water. (Who knew!)

Now, let's talk about those flying monkeys. Now those were scary! I even had nightmares about them. Whoever thought those up, well, let's just say they had a dark side. They always were attacking me in my sleep, so I often would cover my eyes when that part showed. It was real to me in my naive little mind; after all, we lived in Oklahoma and we have tornadoes, so why wouldn't there be flying monkeys? Right?

Glinda, the good witch, was like a princess to me. I loved her sparkly dress and how she appeared in a bubble. Her wand was magical and her mission was always for "the good" of mankind. I wanted to be Glinda!
Now, my grandchildren, a new generation, is enjoying the same movie we so loved over 50 years ago.

When a new paper line came out (Graphic 45) called "The Magic of Oz", I knew I had to make something special out of it. It just so happened my 2nd granddaughter, Ava, was turning 5 soon, so I made her a special birthday gift.
I wanted to incorporate all the characters and symbolize them either with paper or charms. I thought I would make her a carrier and an "Oz Memory Game." So, at the young age of 58, I watched the movie one more time with my oldest granddaughter and was excited to start the project.

I first covered a wooden box with a handle (kind of like what Dorothy carried Toto in).
I then laminated one of the 12x12 sheets and cut each one out to create cards for the memory game. I also constructed a box to hold the cards.
I then created a charm to attach to the carrier box. I found little charms that symbolized some of the characters in the movie such as: a flying monkey,(I found a monkey and added wings) heart, lion, the crystal ball and chipboard cutouts from the paper line.
I found a music box that I included that plays "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead." I also added a stuffed dog to be "Toto" and finished the box off with flowers and with the famous "Ruby Red Slippers" in the middle of each.
So I hope Ava likes her special gift. I hope she will know someday all the love, time and fun I had creating her a "one of a kind" Wizard of Oz gift. Maybe she will share it with her children as they watch the movie on whatever the new invention 20 years from now is. I look forward to hear my great grandchildren saying "Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my" and "We're not in Kansas anymore."
Although this movie was a musical and meant for our entertainment, it had some life lessons to be learned. Take cover whenever there is a tornado. The grass is not always greener on the other side and to be thankful for what we have. Our family will always be there for us and "There's no place like home!"

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Shabby Tea Room Challange

This is my entry for The Shabby Tea Room Challange

Here is the inspiration piece:

MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011

Week #67 - 'Classic Patterns'

Hello shabby friends and welcome to another fun week of inspiration and creativity here in the Tea Room! This week Danielle is our FUN host and she has chosen the theme of 'Classic Patterns'along with this beautiful photo as inspiration ...

... and asks that we create a card or project with USING THE COLORS IN THE INSPIRATION PHOTO AND POLKA DOTS AND/OR GINGHAM!

Note: Because we are sponsored weekly by wonderful businesses who have graciously donated products and in the interest of fairness to all participants, any entries that do not follow our simple challenge rules will remain in the gallery but will not be eligible for the weekly prizes. Thanks for your understanding and participation!

Here is my entry and interpretation:

Saturday, June 18, 2011


      1. noun /ˈfäT͟Hər/ 
        fathers, plural

        1. A man in relation to his natural child or children

          • A man who has continuous care of a child, esp. by adoption; an adoptive father, stepfather, or foster father

            • A father-in-law

              • A male animal in relation to its offspring

                • An ancestor

                  • An important figure in the origin and early history of something
                    • - Dorsey should be remembered as the father of gospel music

                  • A man who gives care and protection to someone or something
                    • - the prince is widely regarded as the father of the nation

                  • The oldest or most respected member of a society or other body

                    • (in Christian belief) The first person of the Trinity; God

                      • Used in proper names, esp. when personifying time or a river, to suggest an old and venerable character
                        • - Father Thames

                  1. Today is Father's Day. A day set aside to honor the "father figurehead" in your family. A father does not have to be blood related, or a relative for that matter. He is male figure that has help guide and raise you ,teaching you right from wrong, and there to catch you when you fall.


                    I am still blessed that my father is still living and I get to enjoy him. He will be 89 in December and still going strong.

                    As I have become an adult, mother and grandmother, I have realized all the sacrifices he made for me. Our family had lots of challenges. Dad was in the Navy and was back and forth and dealing with a son that was born with a hole in his heart. He never knew what he would home too with the unstable medical condition of my brother. I remember I was 7 when my brother had open heart surgery. My little sister and I had to go stay with other friends of my parents for a month while my brother healed. Now at 7, you don't understand alot of these things and I all knew was I wanted my parents back and things back to normal.

                    Fortunately, my brother made it thru surgery and at 60 he is doing well.

                    My father did something I will never forget.. As soon as things settled down, he took me on a date night, just me and dad. I put on my best dress and wondered what it would be like just to have my dad to myself. We first went out to eat. Next, we saw "The story of Ruth" at the drive-in and a hot fudge sundae capped off the night. I felt special, loved and validated I think for the first time of my 7 years of my life.

                    My dad is a jokester and a prankster. He would put on skits at our church and entertain at many events.

                    He' s an avid University of Oklahoma fan and never misses watching a game, in "sickness and in health"
                    This picture was taken in the hospital when he was passing kidney stones. Thank goodness the hospital had the OU game on so he could watch!

                    I rarely saw may dad mad, and seemed to take everything thrown his way with dignity and humor.

                    I enjoyed watching him be Papa Kenny to our sons, and now he is Papa Kenny to our 4 granddaughters. I am so thankful he lived to be a great grandfather.

                    All the kids call my dad "Papa Kenny" and he is loved by 3 kids, 4 grandchildren and 4 great granddaughters. He has a whole new audience to laugh at his jokes and to be silly with.
                1. I am blessed in many ways. I still have my father; my husband is an amazing father and lived every day to the fullest for them. I now have the thrill to watch our 2 married sons be great fathers.

                2. It is said that eventually the "child-parent" role will reverse as our parents grow older. I am in that season of life, taking care of my mother and father. Every Tuesday and Thursday I go to the nursing home to see mom. Then my dad and I go to lunch. I cherish each day I can do this. I know, one day (way to soon), I will not have those special times to spend with dad. I hope I make him feel safe, loved and appreciated.

                My dad has taught me about life and what a commitment means. My parents just celebrated 65 years of marriage. He still sits by my mom's side everyday, even though she can not recognize him as her husband.

                    To honor my dad and my husband, I made them a little "pocket watch mini album." An easy,masculine way to carry pictures of grandkids and great grandkids.

                  So dad, thank you for being there for me, making me laugh when I felt like crying, showing what commitment means, making sure I know who the "Heavenly Farther" is. Also for making it easy on all of us kids in your "Golden Years." I pray we have many more "Father's Days" to come. I love you very much. Cindy

                Monday, June 13, 2011


                traditionsplural of tra·di·tion (Noun)

                1. The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.
                2. A long-established custom or belief that has been passed on in this way.

                My sister came to visit me last week from New Castle, De. Her best friend drove up from Fayettville, Ark and both of them stayed at my house. We had so much fun shopping, eating, and getting pedicures.
                My sister and her friend have a fun tradition. In 2009, they found a "poppin fresh dough boy." They take turns sending it to one another. The element of surprise is part of the fun.
                They never know when and where it will show up. When it does, they put the date on the back of the dough boy, so they can document it's journey.

                One time, it was dressed up in a Halloween costume and sent to my sister, Jana. Jana then returned him in a plant that was sent to Karla. Jana was at Karla's house when it was delivered, so she got to witness the surprise.

                They get more competitive with each "return" , so coming up with unique ideas and the element of surprise gets harder and harder.

                It was my sister's turn to surprise Karla, so Jana shippped it to me in a package, so it would be here when they both arrived.

                We were shopping at some antiques stores, and what was on sale at one of the booths, was a dough boy. This triggered Karla to ask who's turn it was and questioned where it was. Jana played it up, and sd she would have to look for it when she got home. (Little did Karla know, I had it in my purse, just waiting for the perfect opportunity for Jana to place it and see the surprise.

                We happened to be at the nursing home visiting my mom when it hit us. Karla would never suspect seeing it in a nursing home.

                We found the director of activities and explained what we were trying to accomplish(Karla was sitting with my mom and dad, so she didn't see us leave) and said she would play along.

                Jana and I went back down to sit with Karla and about 5 minutes later, Pat shows up. She welcomes Jana back into town and we introduce Karla to her. "Nice to meet you Karla, are you Jana's best friend?" And when Karla answers "Yes", Pat said "it's so nice to meet you and this must be yours" as she pulls "dough boy" out of her pocket! The look of surprise was priceless!

                What a fun tradition!. "Dough boy" kept showing up the rest of the week whenever we were out. Whether we were at a perfume store or in my kitchen in the pots and pans.

                So, whether a tradition is from "generation to generation" or "friend to friend", a tradition creates memories and laughter and that is what life is all about.

                Karla, "tag, you're it."