Saturday, January 28, 2012

Love Recipe

One of my favorite blog sites "Our Daily Bread."
They have some of the most beautiful stamps and die

They have a project challenge this week that involves using
the theme of love and incorporating the colors of pink
or red and valentine's. I have been working on Valentine cards this
weekend, so I already had some ready.The pink and brown card I used
"Kissing Booth" line of paper.
I had the 6x6 pad and cut out the little hearts and used them as the
petals on all 3 flowers. I centered pink Prima flowers in the middle
of each of the petals. I finished if off with a heart punch and a sentiment
from ODBD.

I love "toile", so when I saw this stamp, I had to
have it. I embossed the background with vintage
white embossing powder. The center heart was
stamped with red "Stazon" and I embossed the edges
with gold embossing powder.

This last card, I used a combination of ribbons
and flowers I had on hand. I used my "Zutter"
distress tool for the first time, and it makes
distressing edges so easy.

Hope you all enjoy and have a great Valentine's Day!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happily Ever After

happily ever after

To find your one and only and live happily with them for the rest of your life. To be constantly happy with no end

I think every little girl at one time or another,
looked at herself as a princess,
and thoughts of growing up and finding
her prince charming, and living "happily ever after."

Disney has certainly created many movies and
characters that gives us
a "fantasy" image of all that is fun,
dreamy, and sparkley!

In a couple of months, our 6 year old granddaughter
will be taken on
a SURPRISE "Disney Cruise." (so shhhhhhh, don't tell!)

Since we are needed more in the role of"Nindy and Papa",
we will dutifully
stay home and watch 16 month old, Giavauna.
(But if there is another cruise,
we can still be Nindy and Papa,
while on a ship. (hint, hint)

Those who know me, know that I love to create
and I have kinda
put sewing on the back burner. Well, the sewing
machine is "smokin"

I thought it would be fun for me to make some
"themed outfits"
that Alessondra to could wear while enjoying
all the Disney characters on the cruise.

I just started a couple of weeks ago, but have a
couple of outfits I have
completed. (I still have to make matching
bows and some accessories)

I have made a couple of "Minnie"dresses. I made
a pattern by having
Alessondra lay on some paper and
I drew a rough outline of her body.
Giavauna had to get in the act and layed
down so I could draw around her, also.
(She had no idea what we were doing!) I also
looked at one of her outfits that
fit Alessondra and used that as a guide.
So, those of you that think you can't
make your own pattern, it's really very simple.

The second "Minnie dress", I cut some trim
apart, and used them as the
face for Minnie. I then added 2 black buttons
for the ears. I topped it off
with a little bow and flower.

One of the activities on the cruise will be
about "Toy Story." I thought it
would be fun to make a cowgirl dress so she
could be "Woody's girlfriend-
Jessie. Of course, it had to have fringe, so
I had some leather trim and used it for the

I had some red mesh bling, so I cut out a star
and added it to the denim top.

I think it will look so cute with her cowgirl
boots. I also made some cuffs to match, just
to accessorize it a little more.
I still want to find a hat I can bling up and I
am working on a little denim purse to match.

I am also working on some jewelry pieces by using
some scrapbook paper, cutting out Disney
characters, and adding rhinestones and pearls.

I still have alot to make, but I enjoy every
minute of it. I hope they take tons of pictures so
we can see her with all the characters. As I make
more, I will post another blog.

Until then, I hope you all 'Live Happily Ever After"

Friday, January 13, 2012



    noun /fāTH/ 
    faiths, plural

    1. Complete trust or confidence in someone or something
      • - this restores one's faith in politicians

    2. Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof

      • A system of religious belief
        • - the Christian faith

      • A strongly held belief or theory
        • - the faith that life will expand until it fills the universe

        I am so thankful we live in a country that we have the freedom to
        share our faith and to study God's Word freely.

        I'm a small group leader in a women's Bible study called "Within the Word."
        Our teacher, Kathy, is so passionate about teaching the Bible. She is
        a wonderful teacher and it's an honor to study under her teachings.

        I have always prayed for a way to share my crafting with my faith, and
        this is a perfect opportunity.

        We are starting our group back up this semester, so I thought it
        would be a great opportunity to make these tags to invite
        the ladies back to the study.

        Instead of a card, I found these cute pink tags that I
        dry embossed with a small polka dot print. I just
        received an order of flowers, so I added a variety
        of the different roses.

        I love the color pink, so I have an abundance of embellishments
        in that color. In fact, my husband was sitting in my craftroom
        yesterday while I was sewing. He looked around and said "no
        telling on how many thousand of dollars of craft products you
        have in this room." (If he only knew!!!)

        My craft room is my "therapy room." I can go in there and
        create and lose myself and forget about everything. I am so
        blessed to have my own special room to have as my sanctuary.

        I hope my ladies enjoy getting these tags and I look forward
        to our study on the book of Genesis.

        (I have linked up with "Pink Saturday" at Go by and check them out, especially if you like the color "PINK"

    Friday, January 6, 2012



      noun /ˈgratəˌt(y)o͞od/ 

      1. The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation
      2. for and to return kindness
        • - she expressed her gratitude to the committee for
        • their support

        It's a new year, a clean slate. It's when we make
        new resolutions,or just add on to the list, things we didn't get
        accomplished in the previous years.

        As I grow older, it's the little things that matter most
        to me now.
        An anonymous note left on my doorstep (by a certain
        granddaughter next door),
        a call from a son to check on me or ask me to meet
        them for lunch, or my
        husband- starting my bath water so it will be ready when I

        Also, with age, I have learned I have so much to
        be grateful for. In August,
        we will have been married for 40 years. I still
        have both parents living;
        even though mom is in a nursing home with
        Altziemer's, I still get to see
        and speak with her. My father, almost 90, is
        independent, living on his own, still
        drives and sits with mom everyday with 65 plus years
        of marriage to their credit.
        I still enjoy lunch with my dad every
        Tuesday and Thursday. Those outings are
        precious to me.

        God has blessed us with 2 godly sons and daughter
        in laws. We have
        4 precious granddaughters that are healthy and teach
        us everyday about life.

        We have a roof over our head, food to eat, and my husband
        still has the same job as an agent for Farmer's
        Insurance for 38 years. Our health, though we have had
        our ups and downs, could be alot worse.

        We have wonderful family and friends. They have
        supported us through the good and the bad, and
        and they have laughed and cried with us. We know
        they are always a phone call away.

        We are especially grateful for a special friend this week.
        Pat and Robbie are dear friends of ours. Pat and I
        have been friends for almost 50 years and Robbie and
        Richard grew up in the same neighborhood, and have
        remained friends through out the years. Robbie has
        been on the transplant list for quite sometime now.
        After many trial runs to the hospital, minutes away
        from surgery, it would not be a match.
        This past Wednesday night, God blessed
        Robbie with his new liver. He is doing so well; he is already
        out of ICU and in a private room. They are talking about
        sending him home on Monday. I am thankful for
        donor's family; from their death, many
        lives were saved.

        When I saw this "gratitude journal" on "Papertreyink"
        I knew I had to
        make some. It's a small gift, but a way to count your
        and write down
        the things we are grateful for. I was honored to be able
        to give
        my first one to
        Pat and Robbie. I pray each time they look at it,
        they will
        remember it is a sign
        of God's love and many blessings.

        So I hope as you read this, know that I am grateful for
        you,whether you
        are family, friends, or a fellow blogger. I hope you stop
        and count your
        blessings,be grateful for all you have, and don't forget to
        share them
        with others.