Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mini stockings

Hello fellow blogging friends.  It's been awhile, I know.   Time passes so fast , and I really don't have a good excuse why I haven't posted.   I have several projects that  I've worked on over the past few months and will do another post showing them.    Hopefully I will be more consistent with posting in the future.

The holidays are approaching way to soon, but with the first snowfall,  I locked myself in the craft room and created.   I saw a wonderful video on "The flying Unicorn" showing how to make large stockings out of canvas.   I knew I would have to make quite a few, so I made miniature versions of the stockings.

I drew out my own pattern on canvas and cut out enough to make 10 stockings.   I stenciled a "damask" pattern with white gesso.  When the gesso dried, I sprayed each one with different glittered sprays.  I then sewed each one, added a cuff and then decorated each one.

I made one for our bible study teacher,( our "prayer warrior" who is moving to Joplin, and for the ladies in my small group.

I filled each with candy, chocolates, coffee gift card and a coordinating candy cane. ( You know I have to match everything!)

I also made a couple of cards to give with a couple of the gifts.
I  let each of the women pick out their stocking ,based on their favorite color.
I hope each of the ladies know how they have blessed my life and hope they enjoy this small token of our friendship.  Until the next post- be creative and show somebody you care.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"At da Beach"

It seems, in the paper world that is, that the theme is "Beachy", nautical, or at the "Seashore."  I love the beautiful colors of a sandy beach, an aqua ocean, and the peachy sea shells.

Several years ago, we were blessed enough to go to Gulf Shores in Alabama, and then we took our boys back several years later.  There is nothing like the breeze and smell coming off the ocean air or the Gulf.  The sand between your toes has an instant spa-like effect and all your cares seem to melt into the sandy tide.  If I could, I would go back there every year.

When Prima came out with their new line called "Seashore", I had to make some projects.
I decided on some tags.   I had some shell trim that I've had for years, so it went perfectly on the lower border and it adds some movement to the tag.  Fraying some burlap, I kept the scraps and used them in the upper left corner.   I sprayed some shells and flowers, and added some moss and a seahorse.

The second tag has a lot the same elements as the first, but using a starfish and some clear pebbles.

The third tag, I added a small glass vial and added some sand and aqua glitter.

I'm sure I'll be making many more projects with paper line, the colors are so soothing to me.

Next, I used a digital line from "Kitty Scrap Post", called "Es Nautico,"  (Nautical)  (at   Luisa creates the most beautiful papers and I love that you just pay, download and have immediate access to her designs.  Unlike physical paper pads you buy , with the downloads, you can print as many as you want, forever!

This particular design paper attracted me because of the crab cage.   My brother-in-law ,who lives in Delaware, is an avid "crabber" and his birthday is this week.   I found some resin crab pieces, netting and personalized him a "crab card."

Last, along with the same color scheme, is a necklace that I made for someone very special.  Spellbinders came out with blank metal pieces that you can paint, fill and add whatever you want to the piece.

Our  weekly bible study ,, is on summer break.   We had our last Wednesday study for the semester last week.   We have an amazing teacher, Kathy Patton.  We have been studying Exodus and I have learned so much.   Kathy is on a mission for God and touches so many women.   The gift is such a small token of how much we appreciate her.

I painted the piece, and added a cross charm, rhinestones and some glitter.  I rubbed some gold rub and buff randomly over the metal.  I glued on the clear piece to hold in all the embellishments.  I placed it on a rhinestone chain to make a vintage-like necklace.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe Memorial weekend.  I guess the sand colored carpet between my toes in my craft room will be my beach for the weekend.
Happy crafting,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter bags

I purchased some raw canvas and burlap bags the other day and thought I would decorate them for Easter.

Each one is a little different from the next.   I received some adorable papers and embellishments from the UK- Tilda.  They had a lot of springtime pieces that I used in the flower arrangements.

I painted in random areas with acrylic paint and a glittered snow texture.  I used antique doilies to anchor the flowers.  Colored lace was added and a banner was stamped with a sentiment.
These were so easy to put together and it was a great way to use a lot of my stash.

Once I started, it was hard to stop.
It's a fun way to give a gift.  You can fill it with candy or some other little gift.

Though bunnies and such are a cute symbol of Easter, the true meaning is the cross.  I have added one to each of my bags.
It is tucked into each flower arrangement.  Christ died for us and when they rolled away the stone, the tomb was empty.   His resurrection gives us the gift of eternal life if we choose to accept him as our Lord and Savior.

May you all have a blessed Easter and I pray you share this wonderful , holy holiday with those you love.  I pray you are able to go to a service to hear God's word and know that he loves each and every one of us.

Blessings and love,

Monday, April 14, 2014

Crafting Misc.

A lot of times I go in my craft room to just play, and some times it's with a purpose.  I love to make cards, but it's always with a heavy heart, when I am making a sympathy card.
More often, than not, my cards are on the "embellishment heavy" side, so I make a box to encase the card.
There are joyous occasions, such as my granddaughter's birthday.  Little girls are so much fun to make "girly cards"for.
I also love making elegant cards with a lot of lace and bling.

These 2 cards were fun to make.  I remember screen doors as a young child and I put real screen behind each of the doors.
These are little "twinchy" books made with felt and glued spines.
These are packages I wrapped for my sister's birthday.  A little change from just the plain boring wrapping paper.
So, this is what I do in between larger projects.  Crafting is like therapy to me, but a lot more expensive, says my husband.(ha ha)

Hope this inspires someone to get in a "crafty mood."

Monday, March 31, 2014

Steampunk umbrella

Hello everyone.  I know it's been quite a long time since I've blogged.   I had to have more surgery on my shoulder.  I had rotator cuff repair 6 months ago and it started freezing up on me, so they had to go back in and "crack" the scar tissue away from my shoulder.  I am finally getting more range of motion.  On my 8th month of physical therapy, so this has slowed down my crafting a little.

My hair stylist and good friend asked me if I would make a "prop" for her son's upcoming community theatre group.  He is narrating and the theme was steampunk; father time.

For those who don't know what "steampunk" is, it's a type of pop art that mixes the Victorian era with gears and machinery.  This is totally out of my comfort zone, except for the Victorian part.

My blank canvas was a huge, bare umbrella.  The requirements were: had to look steampunk, look like clock, had to have moving hands and it had to still be able to fold up.

Because of the folding issue, I decided to take each panel separate and not connect it to the next.  So I came up with a design for each panel.

I started with cutting out gold roman numerals and glueing on the face of the umbrella, again being mindful of the folds and the metal folding panels.

I thought it needed some color, so I added this red, eyelash trim.

Because lace is my middle name, I used it on 2 panels.
The corset look came from the Victorian period; I added that look to a couple of panels.  One, I used buckles and ribbon and the other chain-like hooks and leather trim.
On one panel, I added an open zipper and had the appearance of metal gears and other metal objects spilling out of the zipper.
Veil netting is popular in steampunk, so I used black netting with red velvet ribbon on both sides.   I added feathers and a metal clock with a metal crown.

The next to the last section, I criss-crossed black and red ribbon and added a metal medallion and placed a clock piece in the center.  I then hung a key with a picture of a Victorian gentleman with a mustache.

And finally, the last panel I swagged 3 layers of silver chain.

To finish off the bottom, I added an elastic black lace trim.
I made the hands of the clock with heavy , black chipboard and covered with a metallic paper.
I put a large washer under the end of each hand for weight purposes and so it would rotate easier.

The final touch , I added a finial using an old fashion water knob. This also helps hold the hands from falling off.  I also added a leather looking gear under the hands on the very top of the umbrella.

This style was a real challenge for me, but was a lot of fun creating.  The young man promises to send me pictures of his full costume, holding his steampunk prop.

You never know where crafting will take you, but I loved the challenge and am looking forward to my next project.

I will  be posting real soon another album I'm working on with lots of flowers, lace and tea cups!  And of course it has pink in it.
Happy crafting, Cindy

Thursday, January 9, 2014

"Click Street" Dress Shop

I just finished a fun, detailed, little girl's dress shop.   Laura Denison at "Followingthepapertrail", creates the most amazing projects.  You can purchase the tutorial or buy a kit, or both to create your own little shop.  It's the first  shop in her "Maple Street" series.  Laura is one of my favorite designers.
She has her own ustream channel so she can share all her talent.  There are tutorials to watch on each of her projects that takes you through each step.

I never have tackled anything this "architectual" before, but I really enjoyed putting it together, piece by piece, and customizing it to my pinky, shabby chic taste.

Growing up in a suburb of OKC, Bethany, OK, gave me the feeling of growing up in a small town atmosphere.  I loved going shopping downtown.   All the different store front windows would lure you in to see what treasures were to be found.

Most of the old stores had wood flooring that creaked and a special aroma that reminded you of  the "good ole days."

I always loved it when there was a second story to the shop.  That's where you found unexpected little trinkets.  It wouldn't be complete without the decorative awning.  Of course I had to make my awning pink!

It is so amazing what you can do with paper.   You can create just about anything with chipboard and all the different papers to choose from.  I also collect beautiful trims, so I had to put some on the balcony of this little shop.

The back alley way behind all the shops had "graffiti like" writing on the back of each building.  This pink paper reminded me of the back of a store.  Each building would have different advertisements painted on them.

This is just the first part of this project.  As you can see, the roof comes off, because there is a mini album that is going to fit inside of this little building.

I can't wait to add more little shops to my "Click Street."  The next shop is going to be a "Tea Room"!
Right up my alley.  Of course there's going to be a pet shop, bakery and who knows what else will be in my little town.

I'll leave the building of real homes and shops to my oldest son, Jeff.  I think it's safer for me to stick to paper shops!

Who knew you could craft and shop, all in one tiny little space?  Going to start on my mini album now; happy crafting.