Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Tennis shoes

I finished the "plain Jane" tennis shoes today.
These only took about an hour and were alot
of fun to make.
Again, all I did was use a hot glue gun and picked
items from my stash to embellish them with.
The polka dot trim is from Hobby Lobby, so is
the gingham ribbon (of course I bought it with 40%
off coupons!)
The rhinestones come in a rectangle of mesh. All
you have to do is cut strips and glue on. It's much
cheaper this way. I get this trim from a website
karlas001. She has it in many colors and it's very
affordable. She carries many other beautiful trims
and embellishments.
The ric rac comes in a bolt from Hobby Lobby and I get it
while it's 50% off and buy it in several colors.
Again, I put in the stretchy shoe laces, so they
can just slip on and off.
I found these little ring makers at Hobby Lobby and
made a couple of rings for the Disney cruise. They took
about 5 minutes to make!!
I also cut out a couple Disney characters from scrapbook
paper and made "necklace discs" that can be interchanged
on a necklace chain. depending on what the theme of the
day is, she can wear the appropriate disc.
This would make
a great little girl's birthday gift. Buy one chain, and make several
different discs. Very fast and affordable. Again, I got the discs
at Hobby Lobby, along with the epoxy stickers that go on top.

I still have several other projects to make, but my neck is telling
me I'm done for the day.
Hope you enjoy these projects.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mickey and Minnie tennis shoes

I can't help it. I have to add things TOO things.

Just another quick post. These are $5.00 tennis shoes from Walmart.
Of course they are way to plain, so I had to embellish them to go along
with all the Disney things I've been working on. A glue gun worked
really well on the canvas. (Of course, they will not be washable)

I made both a Minnie and a Mickey shoe. I cut circles out of some
trim and cut little rosettes to make the ears.
For Mickey, I just added a red tie and some bling.
I cut up some red mesh bling and added it to the rubber part
of the shoe. Then topped it off with some black ric rac.
I cut off 3 gingham flowers from a trim and added some
Mickey rhinestones to flowers and side of shoe.
I lined the back stitching with black half back pearls.
Here is a side view of the shoes.
To make them "no-tie" shoes, I added these stretchy shoe laces.
They can be slipped on with ease this way.
Stay tuned for next post. I have a very plain pair of pink
tennis shoes that's calling for some embellishing!

Sunday, February 26, 2012



  1. Make (something) more attractive by the addition of decorative
  2. details or features: "blue silk embellished with golden embroidery".

I took a couple of weeks off from crafting due to an upper
respiratory infection.
It really knocked me on my bum, and I didn't feel like
doing anything.
I feel like I've been very "unproductive", so it feels good
to get back into my craft room.

I've been working on a couple of more projects this past week.
One was this cute little thrift store skirt. $1.99. It looked like

I added ric rac, ribbons and lace and love the way it turned

The next was thrift store shorts. Same price. Here is before
As you can see, they are very plain. Again I embellished with
ric rac, ribbon, lace and butterfly.
Here's the front:
Here is the back:
To cinch up her t-shirt she will be wearing with these, I
attached a pony tail holder to a flower I made.
Another project was one I saw on a etsy store.
It was a little pricey, and I thought I could make
my version of it. I cut out a piece of felt and after
4 hours of glueing bling mesh to it, I made a Minnie
Mouse with a bow. We are attaching it to a little
I had a couple of plastic belt buckles from my grandmother's
stash and colored one, blinged it up, added flowers and made
another cinch for a t shirt. Here are before pictures of these
buckles. I bet they are around 75 years old. (Thanks
Here it is after I embellished it.
I found this darling elephant material at my favorite
quilt store. I thought it would go with the Disney theme
and looked like Dumbo. I had to be careful and only
use a portion of the fabric. Some of it had the elephant
in a martini glass, which I did not think would be "age
An easy way to make a quick dress is to add fabric
to a t shirt. I found this cute ruffled fabric and added
it to the bottom of this t shirt. Very easy and fast.

In between sewing, I love making cards. Here are
a couple I have made lately.
Working on a couple of other projects and will post when
I finish them. Hope you enjoy these and hope this inspires
you to make something beautiful out of a plain, inexpensive
thrift store find. Just remember, you can embellish anything!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


overallsplural of o·ver·all (Noun)

  1. A garment consisting of trousers with a front flap over the
  2. chest held up by straps over the shoulders. Also called bib overalls.
  3. A loose-fitting garment such as a smock worn typically over ordinary
  4. clothes for protection against dirt or heavy wear.

It's always fun to get a garment at a thrift store, pay next
to nothing for it and embellish it.
My DIL bought these overalls and I started the process of
re-making them into a pair of "Disney ready" short overalls.

There are no rules; no right or wrong. I first added ruffles to the
bottom of the shorts.

Then I just started adding embellishments. I cut out some flowers
and added to front pockets.

I used buttons to make a miniature "Minnie Mouse"

I made a removable flower with trims, ribbon, and made another
Minnie. I added baby red rosebuds.

I had a piece of material with an "A" , so I added that to the
bib, along with some flowers and red bling.

On the backside of overalls, I used some trim for ears
and ziz zagged some material and added Minnie to one
pocket and Mickey to the other.

I added trim and material to finish off the back of the bib.

So here is the finished front of the overalls:

And here is the back:
Fun, easy , "one of a kind" , and hopefully will be worn
to make many fun memories!