Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cans of love

There are very few gifts that can be a home decor item and house the gift itself.

Decorated gift cans are certainly not a new idea, and I didn't come up with this unique gift idea myself.  But, these are so easy to customize and it's easy to make it "a one of a kind."

You start with a new, clean and empty paint can.  You can get these at Lowes or Home Depot for around $4.00. (Make sure you get the can opener, which are free and usually sit on the paint counter.)

We had 2 baby showers recently at our women's bible study, (, so I knew immediately that I wanted to make one for each baby.  One is having a little boy (she has 2 precious girls) and the other is having a little girl ( she has a "special delivery" darling little boy and this is her first pregnancy!)  We have all prayed for a long time , so this is a miracle baby!!!

All you need is scrapbook paper, contact paper,  or even wrapping paper will do.  I used double sided tape to adhere the paper to the can.  Then just gather flowers and other embellishments and glue them on the can.  (I use Fabric tac and find that it holds better than a glue gun.)  I love when I have a theme.  Isabella's room is going to be all the Disney princesses, so I found the perfect pink paper with castles and "princess words."  I just printed her name with a "girly font" and put it behind a frame.

I also decorate the paint can openers and attach with a ribbon long enough that makes it possible to open the can.
I wrapped the core with a ribbon, then glued flowers, beads and bling to the top.  Of course it is glittered up!

I added paper to the top of the can along with a heart appliqué and flowers.  Flat back pearls are perfect to add around the base.

The next baby theme was "vintage bike."   One thing about boys, you can't add all the "stuff", so I have to back off a little to make sure it's masculine.  This doesn't mean though, I can't add little trinkets.
I started with some burlap fabric and stamped vintage bikes on it with a distressed brown ink.  I used fabric tac to attach the fabric to the can.

I die cut a bike and used metallic embossing powder to make it look more vintage.  I stamped this darling baby sentiment on a die cut frame.
I added twill ribbon and cut out a paper measuring tape.   I stamped a strip of card stock with the same vintage bike stamps that I had used on the burlap fabric.

I tied different ribbons and natural yarns to both sides of the handle.
On the top of the can lid, I added stamped card stock and added more burlap.  I had a little pink bicycle, that I easily  painted blue to match the theme colors.
The lid opener had ribbon, flower and fibers added.

From the baby showers, I had a couple of custom orders for future baby showers. I've completed one of them.  It was another fun baby girl can and I love the nursery colors.

The opener turned out really cute with roses, glass beads and small diamond broach.
I did something a little bit different for the lid.  I purchased a drawer pull and took out the long screw that was in the center of it.   I glued it on a metal flower, added pearls, and then glued to top of lid.  I covered the hole with a small diamond button embellishment.
I added more ribbons and fibers to the side of both handles.

When the can is complete, I place coordinating colored tissue paper and the gift.  These would be great for all occasions, ages and holidays.  I can't wait to make some Christmas themed cans.

My shoulder is "slowly" making progress.   I'm still having to go to physical therapy twice a week and the surgeon is worried about a " frozen shoulder."   I'm sure with crafting , retail therapy and physical therapy, I will  be back to 100% in a few months.  Nothing like sliding your credit card over and over to get a little shoulder action!!!

May each and every one of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving .   I am truly blessed and have so much to be thankful for.   I'm very thankful for all of you that follow my blog and leave your special comments.

Until the next blog,
Blessings and happy crafting.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Arm Crafting

It's been awhile I know.  A little bit of surgery has slowed me down a bit.

Several months ago, I tore my rotator cuff.  I know exactly when I did it.  I needed to have a good stretch.  Like always, I raised my arms above my head; I have a bad neck, so I protected it, and my right shoulder took the brunt.  I felt something tear, and had a horrible burning sensation in my shoulder.

For 3 months, I prayed the pain would get better, but it didn't.  So, in September, I had shoulder surgery.  The surgeon found a tear in the tendon, a couple of bone spurs that had been shredding the tendon (so that was probably why it tore easily), bursitis , and a partial frozen shoulder.  He put in an anchor in to help support the rotator cuff tendon.   I have to say, it's way more than I expected as far as pain and rehab. Of course it had to be my right shoulder and I am right handed.  You don't know how much you use your shoulder, until you lose the use of it.  I've worn a sling for 7 weeks, and am still in physical therapy ,2 times a week.

I have really had to rely on help from others.  Like, rolling my hair.  My husband is now a pro at it and I am confident he will be able to do it ,if and when the need for me to go in a nursing home.  Starting the car has to be left handed , so does shifting in reverse.  You have to learn to drive with one hand, and u-turns are out of the question.  Getting dressed is fun.  Try pulling up tight jeans with one hand.  More than once I have been stuck in a shirt, because I can't pull my arm out of the sleeve.

My nail girl has learned how to lift my arm up so she can have access to my hand, so she can do my nails. (There are some things that are worth the pain:)

One by one, I have been able to conquer each of the above little triumphs.  That's how I know I'm progressing.  I am not a patient "patient" and want to fast forward this rehab, and I've tried but that little "warning light" called pain stops you in your tracks.

The sling was so boring looking, so of course I had to bling it up.   The therapist had a good laugh. The sling not only helps support your shoulder, but also has an invisible sign that says "don't even think about giving me a hug!"

I know this is such a trivial set back compared to so many other things that could go wrong, and trust me,  I thank God for this to be something that can be fixed and not life threatening.

I have slowly started back crafting , so here are some random projects I have done.

These are a couple of Halloween cards I made.  I made boxes to match to put some goodies in.

I've had to make several sympathy cards in the past few weeks.

Prima is one of my favorite crafting companies and they had shown several cards they had made, so I had to make my version of them.

And the last one was a layered card.

Hopefully, in the near future,  I can get back  to crafting like I used to in between physical therapy and the holidays.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and know that we are all blessed.

Hugs (with only one arm) :)