Monday, March 25, 2013

Vintage Easter Tags

I've been playing around in the craft room, (and trying to clean out.)   I tend to hoard favorite flowers, lace, etc.. but I decided to share it. (That is why I bought it for in the first place, right?)

I found an etsy shop that sells vintage images (lovecreationgal).   She has some darling images and the quality, when your print them, is beautifully detailed.

Prima has a "tag pad" filled with sturdy tags, all with the same background.  It's easy to build on them.

All I did is cut each image out and placed it on a tag.  I then added laces, tags, jewels, etc..

I love this shabby vintage lace I found, and wish I had bought more.  I layered it on top of colored lace.
I found some jewelry pieces at Michaels.   They come in a string like form, so all you have to do is cut them apart.  They go pretty far, since there are on an average of 6 or more jewelry pieces.

I think the purple one is one of my favorites.  It's so "Springy" and makes me want to plant flowers!

Of course I would have a couple of pink tags- pink is my favorite color.
These images are so nostalgic to me.  I have several vintage postcards from my great aunt and mom.

I hope you all enjoy going back in "the olden days" as much as I do.   I'll be back soon with more posts of other projects I've been working on.

May all of you have a wonderful Easter, and know that on this day, Jesus died on the cross and rose on this day, so we may have "Eternal Life."