Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lost Mojo

Do you ever get into one of those moods, don't feel like doing anything? Well, I guess that is where I have been lately. Maybe it's just my way of grieving for the loss of my mom, or maybe I have been on auto pilot for so long, that I just needed a break.

I try not to let myself get into a funk very much, because it's easy to stay there. I have made a couple of cards along the way and want to jump back into creating. I think it's a good outlet and I'm being productive.

So here are a couple of cards I've made in the past couple of weeks. Hope to have more to show in the future.

It is "Well with my soul."

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Celebration of Life

Happy 90th Birthday to our dear friend,

I apologize for the lighting on my pictures. They were taken in my mom's
room at the nursing home. I am thankful I had a project to finish while
we sat next to my mom in her last days with Alzheimer's.

We had a family friend turning 90. She is such a precious friend to all of
us and she lives at the same retirement center my dad does. I get to see
her all the time and I told her I wouldn't miss her big party for anything.

I had seen a tutorial by Marion Smith on Prima that showed how to make
this "pocket mini album." It looked so springy and had lots of places for
pictures and memorabilia.

I chose floral pastel papers and went to town. I love all
the different flowers and colors that went into making
the cover.
Each page was punched with a trellis like punch and
decorated with different trims and accents.
Each page had an "uploading pocket" which allows
for more pictures or keepsakes.
I wanted a shabby chic look, so I streaked each page
with a picket fence wash.
Prima has the most beautiful flowers to play with. I loved
this purple one with all the beads.
Little journaling cards were tucked in to tell about the pictures.
The trim doubles as a pocket to tuck things in.
Here's another page to journal. I love the way the pink
pearls cascade from the peacock.
Can you tell I love pearls?
I used a chain closure and added 2 clips and added
dangly pearls and bling.
It was a bittersweet day. My mother died on the same day as
the party. Mom would have wanted all of us to attend. My
dad, sister and I , hours after my mom died, we went to a
celebration of 90 years of our friend.
My dad wrote Betty a poem and I put it in her album.
I know my mom was at the party too.