Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Smelly Nindy


Main Entry:smellyPart of Speech:adjectiveDefinition:having a bad odorSynonyms:evil-smelling, fetid, foul, foul-smelling, funky*,high, malodorous, mephitic, noisome, olid,putrid, rancid, rank, reeking, stinking, strong, strong- smelling, whiffyAntonyms:good-smelling, perfumed

Since I was a little girl, I've had "hyper-sensitive" reactions to certain odors. I can smell dirty hair from across the room or someone's sweet perfume.

Certain smells, evoke certain feelings for me.  For instance, there is nothing like a just bathed, "greased and floured" baby. (Baby magic and powder- which I know they don't use anymore due to breathing hazards)

When I was pregnant with Jeff, I worked in the church baby nursery and I had "dibbs" on a baby named Zachery.   I would hold him on my big pregnant belly, plant my nose on the top of his head and inhale the sweet scent of "Nestles" hair gel and rock away. I bought every bottle of it I could find in anticipation to the arrival of our baby.  I would sit in the baby nursery and spray "baby powder scent"  and dream of holding our first born and 2 1/2 years later, the same with our second son, CJ.

When our boys were growing up, they would make random comments, like "this smells like "Nanny B's house or Nanny K's"   You could sense the calmness and almost a safe feeling they would feel whenever they experienced that certain smell.

My favorite store is one called "Essentials" in Casady Square.  It is a world of many scents.   It has become one of Alessondra's favorite places to go with her Nindy, but she calls it  the "Smelly Store."  As soon as we enter, she hooks a little basket over her elbow and asks the clerk "What's new?" (She isn't asking about her personal life, but what hasn't she seen yet)  She knows not to touch anything glass.   Since she can't take baths with anything with fragrant, we buy the fizzies and the bubble-bath for her babydoll that has her own bath tub.  She picks out animal soaps for her baby too. It is so much fun to watch her shop in this store and the people at Essentials thinks she is a hoot!

The other night we were over Jeff and Deziray's and Alessondra was showing me pictures of her latest trip to Branson.   She grabs my arm and plants her nose into it and says "you smell so good Nindy, you smell Nindy"  After a few more sniffs of my arm, she asks to smell my hair and says the same thing.  (Thank goodness, I wash my hair everyday!)  As we went to leave that night, Alessondra yells, "goodnight, my smelly Nindy!"  I yelled back , "goodnight, I take that as a compliment!"  I heard a faint "It is!"

Has anyone told you that you were "smelly" today?  It might just make your day!!    Nindy
8:52:00 AMby Cindy


  1. She does LOVE her trips to the "smelly store" with you! Thanks for creating fun memories for her and for being "smelly"