Saturday, July 16, 2011


Candy Land (Candyland)[1] is a simple racing board game. It is often among the first board games played by American children as it requires no reading and minimal counting skills.

I think anyone under the age of 60, has played the game, "Candyland." The colorful board game with all the candy, represented in one form or another, takes you to a sweet wonderland. You didn't need to know how to read or count in order to play. So, at a young age, you could enjoy this game that would become everyone's favorite.

This month I am involved in a craft swap at "" and the theme is "Candyland." You have a partner you swap with and you send craft objects that deal with the theme. (Such as bright colors, game theme, etc.....) it's left up to each partner to interpret what that theme means to you.

Along with papers and embellishments, I thought it would be fun to make a mini album that showed the history of the game and the history of some favorite candy. I learned alot along the way.

In 1949, a woman with polio, invented the game for children who suffered from the same disease to pass the time while they recovered from their illness. Little did she know that this game would become an icon that millions of children would play for years.

My album shows each decade and the changes they made to the game. One thing that didn't change was the vivid colors.
The cover of the album was a page I had had for years. I added a spinner, life savers and other embellishments to hi-lite all the colors and fun candy that was represented in the game.
Since this mini was made out of paper bags, each bag was an opportunity to put in craft goodies and some old fashioned candy.

Keeping with the theme, I made some journaling spots that looked like cupcakes, ice cream, and other treats.
For each decade, I had a picture of the game and tucked in a little info about a popular candy and it's history.
I made a charm to hang on the binder with charms, fragments and cute, colorful rhinestones.
So, I hope my swap partner likes my interpretation of "Candyland." I wish I had kept our game I had as a little girl. From the pictures, I think we had the 1960 version of the game. It supplied many hours of entertainment for me and my siblings.

Oh to be a child again; and only have to worry what color you landed on and dream about hershey kisses and gumdrops!

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  1. Your Candyland swap creation is yummy! Such beautiful colors and all that homework you did! Your swap partner will be delighted, I'm sure. :)