Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mini stockings

Hello fellow blogging friends.  It's been awhile, I know.   Time passes so fast , and I really don't have a good excuse why I haven't posted.   I have several projects that  I've worked on over the past few months and will do another post showing them.    Hopefully I will be more consistent with posting in the future.

The holidays are approaching way to soon, but with the first snowfall,  I locked myself in the craft room and created.   I saw a wonderful video on "The flying Unicorn" showing how to make large stockings out of canvas.   I knew I would have to make quite a few, so I made miniature versions of the stockings.

I drew out my own pattern on canvas and cut out enough to make 10 stockings.   I stenciled a "damask" pattern with white gesso.  When the gesso dried, I sprayed each one with different glittered sprays.  I then sewed each one, added a cuff and then decorated each one.

I made one for our bible study teacher,( our "prayer warrior" who is moving to Joplin, and for the ladies in my small group.

I filled each with candy, chocolates, coffee gift card and a coordinating candy cane. ( You know I have to match everything!)

I also made a couple of cards to give with a couple of the gifts.
I  let each of the women pick out their stocking ,based on their favorite color.
I hope each of the ladies know how they have blessed my life and hope they enjoy this small token of our friendship.  Until the next post- be creative and show somebody you care.


  1. Hi Cindy, These are so adorable! I'm doing a burlap theme in my dining room this year and these are perfect. You must have REALLY loved my cover....teehee please contact me at:

  2. Hi Cindy, I was hoping to hear from to send your prize? If I don't hear from you by Monday the 29th I will be picking another winner. Thanks, Zandra