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    verb /ˈkanəpē/ 
    canopied, past participle; canopied, past tense; canopies, 3rd person singular present; canopying, present participle

    1. Cover or provide with a canopy
      • - a canopied bed
      • - the river was canopied by overhanging trees

    noun /ˈkanəpē/ 
    canopies, plural

    1. An ornamental cloth covering hung or held up over something, esp. a throne or bed

      • Something hanging or perceived as hanging over a person or scene
        • - the canopy of twinkling stars

      • A rooflike projection or shelter
        • - they mounted the station steps under the concrete canopy

        One of the things I love to do is to help create accessories for little girl's bedrooms. Especially when there is a theme!!

        Our youngest granddaughter's room is "Hawaiian vintage surf." The colors are pink, green and white.

        She does not sleep in a crib; it's called an Amby bed. It hangs from a spring and her movement gently swings her to sleep. When I first heard they were using this for her older sister, I didn't know what to think! But, sometimes change is good and they sleep very well.

        I made some casings to go over the Amby holder to spruce it up a little. They also wanted a canopy to go over it, so out of an embroidery hoop, 15 feet of organza and really aggresive glue and tape, I was able to construct one. (I will put up a tutorial on next blog on how to make it. Not really hard at all.)
        Of course, to give it a tropical look, we found some beautiful pink hibiscus flowers to add to the front opening.

        I made a diaper organizer to hang above her changing table. She can keep diaper cream, wipes, etc. in each compartment. I found some bamboo buttons and I thought it would go along with the tropical theme.

        For the window treatments,my son constructed a "cabana-like awning from pvc pipes. I then made a pattern to cover it. I found children's pink raffia skirts and cut them at the seam. I hot glued them on the over-hang for a "fringed-cabana" look. I took pink floral leis, cut them and hot glued them at the bend of the awning. For the drapes, I took and layered 2 different fabrics, and then at the bottom, I added part of a raffia shower curtain.

        I made a couple of "neck roll" pillows for the bench in front of the drapes.

        I found a plain picture frame and added some tropical scrapbook paper, trim, and raffia and then hung a couple of sea shells from it.

        This past weekend there was a charity Christmas tour, and our son's house was one of the 5 houses on the tour. He put up 8 trees through out the house and one was in Giavauna's room. It was decorated in "beach wear" and I put a skirt under it and added more pink raffia skirts.

        Our oldest son is a homebuilder ( and not only built our home, but built his beautiful home next door to us. He is so creative and his creative style is shown in each of the homes he builds. His touch is very present Giavauna's room. He added a little bucket, filled it with sand and added some fun accessories. A pink andirondack chair with a surfboard backing is one of Giavauna's favorites.

        Even though Giavauna will probably never remember this room, her Nindy loved making some of things for her "surf room." Until the next theme change, mommy, daddy and her grandparents will enjoy it.

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    1. That is a dream room for most girls. Your daughter should be very proud of her lovely room.