Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happily Ever After

happily ever after

To find your one and only and live happily with them for the rest of your life. To be constantly happy with no end

I think every little girl at one time or another,
looked at herself as a princess,
and thoughts of growing up and finding
her prince charming, and living "happily ever after."

Disney has certainly created many movies and
characters that gives us
a "fantasy" image of all that is fun,
dreamy, and sparkley!

In a couple of months, our 6 year old granddaughter
will be taken on
a SURPRISE "Disney Cruise." (so shhhhhhh, don't tell!)

Since we are needed more in the role of"Nindy and Papa",
we will dutifully
stay home and watch 16 month old, Giavauna.
(But if there is another cruise,
we can still be Nindy and Papa,
while on a ship. (hint, hint)

Those who know me, know that I love to create
and I have kinda
put sewing on the back burner. Well, the sewing
machine is "smokin"

I thought it would be fun for me to make some
"themed outfits"
that Alessondra to could wear while enjoying
all the Disney characters on the cruise.

I just started a couple of weeks ago, but have a
couple of outfits I have
completed. (I still have to make matching
bows and some accessories)

I have made a couple of "Minnie"dresses. I made
a pattern by having
Alessondra lay on some paper and
I drew a rough outline of her body.
Giavauna had to get in the act and layed
down so I could draw around her, also.
(She had no idea what we were doing!) I also
looked at one of her outfits that
fit Alessondra and used that as a guide.
So, those of you that think you can't
make your own pattern, it's really very simple.

The second "Minnie dress", I cut some trim
apart, and used them as the
face for Minnie. I then added 2 black buttons
for the ears. I topped it off
with a little bow and flower.

One of the activities on the cruise will be
about "Toy Story." I thought it
would be fun to make a cowgirl dress so she
could be "Woody's girlfriend-
Jessie. Of course, it had to have fringe, so
I had some leather trim and used it for the

I had some red mesh bling, so I cut out a star
and added it to the denim top.

I think it will look so cute with her cowgirl
boots. I also made some cuffs to match, just
to accessorize it a little more.
I still want to find a hat I can bling up and I
am working on a little denim purse to match.

I am also working on some jewelry pieces by using
some scrapbook paper, cutting out Disney
characters, and adding rhinestones and pearls.

I still have alot to make, but I enjoy every
minute of it. I hope they take tons of pictures so
we can see her with all the characters. As I make
more, I will post another blog.

Until then, I hope you all 'Live Happily Ever After"

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  1. "But if there is another cruise,
    we can still be Nindy and Papa,
    while on a ship. (hint, hint)"
    HA Ha, I hear ya loud and clear!!
    I so appreciate all that you are doing, I am so excited to get to take pictures of her in all these WONDERFUL and special outfits!!
    You are so talented!