Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter project

There is a crafter's blogland that is chocked full of crafting
tutorials to show us "crafty " people how to make anything.
And I do mean anything. One of my favorite blogs is : She makes the cutest and
most lovely projects, I have ever seen. She takes everyday
things and remakes them into beautiful creations.
I saw this egg carton idea on her blog and thought it would
be fun to make a couple of these for the girls.

Take cardboard like egg carton like below and cut it into
sections. ( I used one that held 18 eggs) and cut it into thirds.

I then painted each one a different color with acrylic
paint. These absorb the paint, so put it on thick.
After they dry, start decorating!
I painted the first one light pink, added some scrapbook
paper and then embellished with flowers, stickers and
I used a fabric glue to attach all my items.

The next was a purple shade.

The last was a dark aqua or turquoise color.

Each one is different and fits the personality of each

Here is a side view of the cartons.
I used a small piece of scrapbook paper on inside of cover,
wrote a little note and decorated the corners.

I then put some shredded colored grass in each hole
and filled them with goodies.
The possibilities are endless with this project. You can
use this idea as a fun way to do a unique gift presentation
and fill with bath products, craft items ,etc...
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and are spending
it with loved ones. I'm so thankful that Jesus died on the cross
for me and many others.
Happy Easter, Cindy


  1. I want to be just like you when I grow up! : )
    Great Job, I am sure my girls will love it! Thanks for always thinking of them and making them feel special!
    We LOVE you!

  2. Cindy, your egg cartons are beautiful!! Love the pretty embellishments you used, and how each one is so different and special.