Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Frame/ Album

It's always exciting when a new baby is coming into your family.  I always make a special gift for my nieces and nephew's first baby.  How do you make a gift when there is no theme, no colors, no names, and no sex of the baby yet???  (They are waiting to pick all this out when the baby comes.)

I went to their baby registry and saw that the new "baby neutrals" are blues, greens, oranges, and brown.   So I took the colors from the onsies and baby accessories they picked out and began to create.

I didn't just want to just alter a frame; I wanted it to be more than a frame, so this is what I came up with.

I took and 8x10 frame and added a piece to each side of the frame.  The inside of the left side of the frame can be used to document the weight and height of the baby for the first year.
The right side of the frame is for pictures for each month of the first year.
When attached, it looks like this.  The picture frame can be used for their favorite baby picture.
The outside of the book was fun to create.  I cut a tree branch from a wood grain paper and placed it where leaves would overlap the next page.  I placed magnets in the leaves and under the paper on the adjoining side so it would automatically close magnetically.
I finished up with flowers, trims and flourishes.

I hope "mommy and daddy" enjoy the gift, and they know that alot of love went into creating it.
I anxiously await the birth of my next "great nephew or niece."
Here is the baby card: (sorry, had to do some pink and blue!)

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