Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fancy packaging

I have found it is just as fun decorating and packaging the project , as it is to make the project.

I didn't have a gift bag big enough for my baby album, so I just made one.  I used some teal fabric out of my stash.  I just folded a 1/4 yard of fabric in half and sewed up the sides.  I cut the top with pinking shears and had a gift bag in 5 minutes.

I ripped a 4 inch piece of linen into a strip, frayed it on the edges with a wire brush, and tied it into a bow.   I added a flower, seam binding  and small flowers to the ends of the bow.

I made a tag , cut from a manila folder, and embellished it.  I made a ribbon rose from a teal and beige organic ribbon, lace,  and added other flowers and leaves.
You now have 2 gifts in one.  The bag can be "re-purposed" , and the gift that is in the bag.
My fabric stash now will be getting smaller, because all I want to do is make gift bags.   I would love to see any "fancy packaging" you do with a gift.  Send me a photo.  "Happy Wrapping!"


  1. What a beautiful way to package a gift! love your tag with the wonderful flowers and lovely Bible verse!

  2. These are the prettiest tags. I love how fancy they are.

  3. Hi again I was trying to respond to your comment to me about my wine bags. Yes I leave the casing end open. I stitch above and below it. That was just so I could have the pretty crochet boarder showing.
    I am not sure how to contact you. I hope you get this here. Just let me know if I can be of any help.
    My blog Scrapcat Cards by Linda
    You Tube LindaLap

  4. Wow thats so beautiful. I love how you use the florals, i never seem to get the hang of that, your tag is an inspiration
    beautiful work on it all
    hugs June x