Sunday, September 1, 2013


Have you paid close attention to what you accumulate; whether it be one particular color of things (PINK), or paper, or glitter perhaps!  I was playing around in my craft room today and noticed I have an over abundance of glitter.
I have always loved everything "sparkley", so I guess that's why I'm so attracted to glitter. (My nails are even glittered.)

So I decided today I was going to make a project using some of my glitter.  I was inspired by a post on Pinterest yesterday.   It was a card with a box to hold it.  Since most of my cards are on the overly "embellished side", and don't usually fit in a normal envelope, this is a perfect solution for my cards. (To all my friends who receive a card from me and there is "postage due", my apologies.  My small group ladies in my Bible Study have learned- it costs to be my friend!)

For my card, I started with "Scor tape",or double sided tape.   I placed tape at different intervals and pulled of the protective covering.   I put my card in a tray and poured glitter on top.  I rubbed glitter aggressively over the sticky parts.  There were nice, clean lines of glitter!    Here are the 2 types of glitter I used on my card and flowers.
I then started embellishing the card with ribbon and flowers and a die cut.  I painted the tops of my flowers lightly with white paint, and then applied random glue and dipped them into the diamond dust.  It really gives the flowers a shabby look.

Then, out of white cardstock paper, I made a box to house my card in.  I repeated the tape/glitter process on the top of the box, and embellished it with ribbon and flowers. (The custom box is not hard to make at all, just measure your card and add the measurement you want for the depth, score and assemble.
I love the way it turned out, and have so many ideas for making more sets.  Wedding, baby showers, even custom invitations.   Of course, you don't have to use glitter.  You can change the style of these very easily.
Surprisingly, this card set barely made a dent in my glitter bottle, so I'm thinking, I've got about another 500 sets to go before I will be out of glitter.

Hope you liked my little card set.  Have a safe holiday weekend!

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