Monday, August 26, 2013

Shabby cabinet labels

For the past several months, I have been re-vamping my craft room.  I have a wonderful "organizer" coming in to help me once a week to get everything separated, donated and organized.

I have 5 large cabinets that have upper and lower shelves.   The storage they provide is wonderful.  Now that I have changed everything around, I need labels to show where everything is located.  Each cabinet holds different supplies that are grouped together.
It's amazing how fast and how much you accumulate when you are a crafter.  They are constantly releasing new products every week.

I bought these cabinets years ago at Sam's.   They were a plain white, and of course I don't like "plain."
I glued ribbon all the way around the recessed areas.  I then used a heart stamp, loaded it with paint and stamped a heart on each panel.  
I also changed out the plain white door knobs with shabby rose knobs.

I used a "Sizzix" die to make the mason jars labels.  I had some distressed metallic paper I used to make the lids of the jars.   I scored 3 lines to give it an embossed look.

Having a label maker has helped me so much with the organizing process.  I purchased a "Brother P-touch" from Office Depot.  It is very user friendly!
I cut up a paper doily and added a strip under the lid and finished it with some jute and flowers.
I hot glued a ribbon to the back of the jar, so it could hang from the door knob.
Now, at a glance, I know what supplies are where without having to open each door to find an item!
 Here are a few pics of drawers and cabinets that have been organized.
When I have finished the whole craft room, I will post more pictures.  It is so nice to walk into a room and know where everything is!

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