Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Globes

I saw a fun tutorial the other day that showed how to make these cute snow globes.

Since my oldest granddaughter, Alessondra, loves Owls, I thought it would be fun for both of us to make an Owl snow globe.

First, you can find these plastic snow globes at Michaels, on sale about $4.00.
There are 3 pieces. The globe, the removable base and the screw on bottom.  I chose to make "water-less globes,  instead, I  added loose glitter and snow flakes.

I added glitter to the top of the base (I glued this glitter down), then I started adding all my elements.

I needed something to attach the sticker to, so I put a battery operated tea light in.  It also gives it a cool glowing look and can be used as a night light.

We attached a mini sled, jingle bells, and some snow balls, glueing them all down to the base.
I die cut a large scallop piece from cardboard and painted it red, then added some of the snow texture.
After screwing on the bottom piece, I glued it to the red cardboard, then added a green piece of scrap paper, then a red bow.

Of course, I had to make me a  pink, shabby chic globe.  I found a bag of bottle brush trees, in 3 different sizes. (Remember, they can't be too tall, or your globe won't fit over you tree.)  They were in the miniature village pieces at Michaels.   I painted the tree a baby pink, then added snow texture and pink candy gems.
I then glued a crystal angel, snow flakes and snow balls.  I also mixed some pink glitter with snow flake glitter.   I used a pink bling piece to top the tree.
Again, another cut scallop piece out of cardboard, painted it pink and added snow texture.  I used 2 pink trims that I bought on one of my favorite etsy sites:


I stamped a Christmas sentiment and die cut a label and placed it on the front of the globe.

My last snow globe was a fun, traditional one.  I glued colored crystals on the tree, snow texture and topped it with a bow and bling.  Another miniature sled and snowman was added.

I placed on the scalloped base and used gingham ribbon and red crystals to embellish the base of the globe.  Roses were added to the center of the bow.

My 3 year old granddaughter had to get in on the crafts and she made her a little Christmas scene on a base.  (She kept adding things, so they all wouldn't fit under a globe, but she didn't care.)
We finished the day with eating chili at our son's and DIL's house and made Christmas cookies.
I think equal parts of the dough were eaten and baked!
It was a perfect day of making fun memories and crafts.  I am so blessed with a husband of 41 years, 2 wonderful sons and daughter in laws, and 4 beautiful granddaughters.  I can't wait for all of us to be together on Christmas day.

Make some memories and happy crafting,

Cindy(or Nindy, as my grandkids call me- it's a cross between Cindy and Nanny)

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