Thursday, January 9, 2014

"Click Street" Dress Shop

I just finished a fun, detailed, little girl's dress shop.   Laura Denison at "Followingthepapertrail", creates the most amazing projects.  You can purchase the tutorial or buy a kit, or both to create your own little shop.  It's the first  shop in her "Maple Street" series.  Laura is one of my favorite designers.
She has her own ustream channel so she can share all her talent.  There are tutorials to watch on each of her projects that takes you through each step.

I never have tackled anything this "architectual" before, but I really enjoyed putting it together, piece by piece, and customizing it to my pinky, shabby chic taste.

Growing up in a suburb of OKC, Bethany, OK, gave me the feeling of growing up in a small town atmosphere.  I loved going shopping downtown.   All the different store front windows would lure you in to see what treasures were to be found.

Most of the old stores had wood flooring that creaked and a special aroma that reminded you of  the "good ole days."

I always loved it when there was a second story to the shop.  That's where you found unexpected little trinkets.  It wouldn't be complete without the decorative awning.  Of course I had to make my awning pink!

It is so amazing what you can do with paper.   You can create just about anything with chipboard and all the different papers to choose from.  I also collect beautiful trims, so I had to put some on the balcony of this little shop.

The back alley way behind all the shops had "graffiti like" writing on the back of each building.  This pink paper reminded me of the back of a store.  Each building would have different advertisements painted on them.

This is just the first part of this project.  As you can see, the roof comes off, because there is a mini album that is going to fit inside of this little building.

I can't wait to add more little shops to my "Click Street."  The next shop is going to be a "Tea Room"!
Right up my alley.  Of course there's going to be a pet shop, bakery and who knows what else will be in my little town.

I'll leave the building of real homes and shops to my oldest son, Jeff.  I think it's safer for me to stick to paper shops!

Who knew you could craft and shop, all in one tiny little space?  Going to start on my mini album now; happy crafting.

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