Monday, April 14, 2014

Crafting Misc.

A lot of times I go in my craft room to just play, and some times it's with a purpose.  I love to make cards, but it's always with a heavy heart, when I am making a sympathy card.
More often, than not, my cards are on the "embellishment heavy" side, so I make a box to encase the card.
There are joyous occasions, such as my granddaughter's birthday.  Little girls are so much fun to make "girly cards"for.
I also love making elegant cards with a lot of lace and bling.

These 2 cards were fun to make.  I remember screen doors as a young child and I put real screen behind each of the doors.
These are little "twinchy" books made with felt and glued spines.
These are packages I wrapped for my sister's birthday.  A little change from just the plain boring wrapping paper.
So, this is what I do in between larger projects.  Crafting is like therapy to me, but a lot more expensive, says my husband.(ha ha)

Hope this inspires someone to get in a "crafty mood."

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