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      1. noun /ˈfäT͟Hər/ 
        fathers, plural

        1. A man in relation to his natural child or children

          • A man who has continuous care of a child, esp. by adoption; an adoptive father, stepfather, or foster father

            • A father-in-law

              • A male animal in relation to its offspring

                • An ancestor

                  • An important figure in the origin and early history of something
                    • - Dorsey should be remembered as the father of gospel music

                  • A man who gives care and protection to someone or something
                    • - the prince is widely regarded as the father of the nation

                  • The oldest or most respected member of a society or other body

                    • (in Christian belief) The first person of the Trinity; God

                      • Used in proper names, esp. when personifying time or a river, to suggest an old and venerable character
                        • - Father Thames

                  1. Today is Father's Day. A day set aside to honor the "father figurehead" in your family. A father does not have to be blood related, or a relative for that matter. He is male figure that has help guide and raise you ,teaching you right from wrong, and there to catch you when you fall.


                    I am still blessed that my father is still living and I get to enjoy him. He will be 89 in December and still going strong.

                    As I have become an adult, mother and grandmother, I have realized all the sacrifices he made for me. Our family had lots of challenges. Dad was in the Navy and was back and forth and dealing with a son that was born with a hole in his heart. He never knew what he would home too with the unstable medical condition of my brother. I remember I was 7 when my brother had open heart surgery. My little sister and I had to go stay with other friends of my parents for a month while my brother healed. Now at 7, you don't understand alot of these things and I all knew was I wanted my parents back and things back to normal.

                    Fortunately, my brother made it thru surgery and at 60 he is doing well.

                    My father did something I will never forget.. As soon as things settled down, he took me on a date night, just me and dad. I put on my best dress and wondered what it would be like just to have my dad to myself. We first went out to eat. Next, we saw "The story of Ruth" at the drive-in and a hot fudge sundae capped off the night. I felt special, loved and validated I think for the first time of my 7 years of my life.

                    My dad is a jokester and a prankster. He would put on skits at our church and entertain at many events.

                    He' s an avid University of Oklahoma fan and never misses watching a game, in "sickness and in health"
                    This picture was taken in the hospital when he was passing kidney stones. Thank goodness the hospital had the OU game on so he could watch!

                    I rarely saw may dad mad, and seemed to take everything thrown his way with dignity and humor.

                    I enjoyed watching him be Papa Kenny to our sons, and now he is Papa Kenny to our 4 granddaughters. I am so thankful he lived to be a great grandfather.

                    All the kids call my dad "Papa Kenny" and he is loved by 3 kids, 4 grandchildren and 4 great granddaughters. He has a whole new audience to laugh at his jokes and to be silly with.
                1. I am blessed in many ways. I still have my father; my husband is an amazing father and lived every day to the fullest for them. I now have the thrill to watch our 2 married sons be great fathers.

                2. It is said that eventually the "child-parent" role will reverse as our parents grow older. I am in that season of life, taking care of my mother and father. Every Tuesday and Thursday I go to the nursing home to see mom. Then my dad and I go to lunch. I cherish each day I can do this. I know, one day (way to soon), I will not have those special times to spend with dad. I hope I make him feel safe, loved and appreciated.

                My dad has taught me about life and what a commitment means. My parents just celebrated 65 years of marriage. He still sits by my mom's side everyday, even though she can not recognize him as her husband.

                    To honor my dad and my husband, I made them a little "pocket watch mini album." An easy,masculine way to carry pictures of grandkids and great grandkids.

                  So dad, thank you for being there for me, making me laugh when I felt like crying, showing what commitment means, making sure I know who the "Heavenly Farther" is. Also for making it easy on all of us kids in your "Golden Years." I pray we have many more "Father's Days" to come. I love you very much. Cindy

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