Friday, June 24, 2011

The Wizard of Oz

wiz·ardof oz

The Wizard of Oz is a 1939 American Fantasy film and directed by Victor Fleming (and others) from a script to which Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson, Edgar Allan Woolf contributed, based on the 1900 children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, with musical elements. .... More »

It was always on a Sunday night; once year. Our dinner and baths were early,3 kids in there pj's by 6:00 pm so we would be ready for the most anticipated movie of the year, The Wizard of Oz. There was only 1 television in the house and the " remote control" hadn't been invented yet. (Well, dad actually had 3 remotes-my brother , myself and my younger sister ;) Our mom would always make a special treat- popcorn, brownies or fudge to munch on during the 2 hours we were mesmerized by this musical dream.

I think the reason I like gingham was because of Dorothy's blue dress. It was so crisp and clean looking and "Judy Garland" wore it!! I think I loved gingham a little more than the average little girl. Just look at the picture of what my bridesmaids wore in my wedding back in 1972. Each girl wore a different color of gingham. (What was I thinking!!)
Even now when I hear the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," it takes me back to my childhood. "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" always plays in my head like the "helium filled voices" of the munchkins.

The first part of the movie was in "sepia" and we were always amazed when after one commercial, the movie would suddenly burst with color. It was so vivid and made the movie even more captivating. The fields of poppies, the yellow brick road and the soft pastel dress of Glinda, the "good witch."

I loved all the characters. Well, maybe most of them. I wasn't fond of the the wicked witch of the "west". Her pointy nose, wicked ways and her voice, like nails on a chalkboard, made my skin crawl. They captured the pure essence of EVIL with her character. Her famous lines like "I'll get you my pretty" and "I'm melting" have never left my mind. I was so glad when she was put out all of our misery by melting her with water. (Who knew!)

Now, let's talk about those flying monkeys. Now those were scary! I even had nightmares about them. Whoever thought those up, well, let's just say they had a dark side. They always were attacking me in my sleep, so I often would cover my eyes when that part showed. It was real to me in my naive little mind; after all, we lived in Oklahoma and we have tornadoes, so why wouldn't there be flying monkeys? Right?

Glinda, the good witch, was like a princess to me. I loved her sparkly dress and how she appeared in a bubble. Her wand was magical and her mission was always for "the good" of mankind. I wanted to be Glinda!
Now, my grandchildren, a new generation, is enjoying the same movie we so loved over 50 years ago.

When a new paper line came out (Graphic 45) called "The Magic of Oz", I knew I had to make something special out of it. It just so happened my 2nd granddaughter, Ava, was turning 5 soon, so I made her a special birthday gift.
I wanted to incorporate all the characters and symbolize them either with paper or charms. I thought I would make her a carrier and an "Oz Memory Game." So, at the young age of 58, I watched the movie one more time with my oldest granddaughter and was excited to start the project.

I first covered a wooden box with a handle (kind of like what Dorothy carried Toto in).
I then laminated one of the 12x12 sheets and cut each one out to create cards for the memory game. I also constructed a box to hold the cards.
I then created a charm to attach to the carrier box. I found little charms that symbolized some of the characters in the movie such as: a flying monkey,(I found a monkey and added wings) heart, lion, the crystal ball and chipboard cutouts from the paper line.
I found a music box that I included that plays "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead." I also added a stuffed dog to be "Toto" and finished the box off with flowers and with the famous "Ruby Red Slippers" in the middle of each.
So I hope Ava likes her special gift. I hope she will know someday all the love, time and fun I had creating her a "one of a kind" Wizard of Oz gift. Maybe she will share it with her children as they watch the movie on whatever the new invention 20 years from now is. I look forward to hear my great grandchildren saying "Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my" and "We're not in Kansas anymore."
Although this movie was a musical and meant for our entertainment, it had some life lessons to be learned. Take cover whenever there is a tornado. The grass is not always greener on the other side and to be thankful for what we have. Our family will always be there for us and "There's no place like home!"


  1. Great project! Wow!
    It is so detailed and love your bridesmaid's dresses. . .what fun! Love your blog, too and your thoughtful, loving posts! Thanks for vising my blog and leaving kind words. . .I'm most thankful! Blessings!