Monday, February 27, 2012

Mickey and Minnie tennis shoes

I can't help it. I have to add things TOO things.

Just another quick post. These are $5.00 tennis shoes from Walmart.
Of course they are way to plain, so I had to embellish them to go along
with all the Disney things I've been working on. A glue gun worked
really well on the canvas. (Of course, they will not be washable)

I made both a Minnie and a Mickey shoe. I cut circles out of some
trim and cut little rosettes to make the ears.
For Mickey, I just added a red tie and some bling.
I cut up some red mesh bling and added it to the rubber part
of the shoe. Then topped it off with some black ric rac.
I cut off 3 gingham flowers from a trim and added some
Mickey rhinestones to flowers and side of shoe.
I lined the back stitching with black half back pearls.
Here is a side view of the shoes.
To make them "no-tie" shoes, I added these stretchy shoe laces.
They can be slipped on with ease this way.
Stay tuned for next post. I have a very plain pair of pink
tennis shoes that's calling for some embellishing!

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