Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Tennis shoes

I finished the "plain Jane" tennis shoes today.
These only took about an hour and were alot
of fun to make.
Again, all I did was use a hot glue gun and picked
items from my stash to embellish them with.
The polka dot trim is from Hobby Lobby, so is
the gingham ribbon (of course I bought it with 40%
off coupons!)
The rhinestones come in a rectangle of mesh. All
you have to do is cut strips and glue on. It's much
cheaper this way. I get this trim from a website
karlas001. She has it in many colors and it's very
affordable. She carries many other beautiful trims
and embellishments.
The ric rac comes in a bolt from Hobby Lobby and I get it
while it's 50% off and buy it in several colors.
Again, I put in the stretchy shoe laces, so they
can just slip on and off.
I found these little ring makers at Hobby Lobby and
made a couple of rings for the Disney cruise. They took
about 5 minutes to make!!
I also cut out a couple Disney characters from scrapbook
paper and made "necklace discs" that can be interchanged
on a necklace chain. depending on what the theme of the
day is, she can wear the appropriate disc.
This would make
a great little girl's birthday gift. Buy one chain, and make several
different discs. Very fast and affordable. Again, I got the discs
at Hobby Lobby, along with the epoxy stickers that go on top.

I still have several other projects to make, but my neck is telling
me I'm done for the day.
Hope you enjoy these projects.


  1. So glad you found me on Pinterest (gosh...I'm rarely on there) so I could find YOu! What a talented lady you are! Amazing creations!!!!

    I'm glad you stumbled upon my website... It's actually down right now so I can restock it...I'm having some busy back to back days! live in Edmond! Small world! We MUST get together soon for lunch and chat! We have MUCH in common!

    Blessings to you~Rebecca

  2. OOHHH these are sooo cute! Ineed me an ephiphany machine!