Tuesday, February 21, 2012


overallsplural of o·ver·all (Noun)

  1. A garment consisting of trousers with a front flap over the
  2. chest held up by straps over the shoulders. Also called bib overalls.
  3. A loose-fitting garment such as a smock worn typically over ordinary
  4. clothes for protection against dirt or heavy wear.

It's always fun to get a garment at a thrift store, pay next
to nothing for it and embellish it.
My DIL bought these overalls and I started the process of
re-making them into a pair of "Disney ready" short overalls.

There are no rules; no right or wrong. I first added ruffles to the
bottom of the shorts.

Then I just started adding embellishments. I cut out some flowers
and added to front pockets.

I used buttons to make a miniature "Minnie Mouse"

I made a removable flower with trims, ribbon, and made another
Minnie. I added baby red rosebuds.

I had a piece of material with an "A" , so I added that to the
bib, along with some flowers and red bling.

On the backside of overalls, I used some trim for ears
and ziz zagged some material and added Minnie to one
pocket and Mickey to the other.

I added trim and material to finish off the back of the bib.

So here is the finished front of the overalls:

And here is the back:
Fun, easy , "one of a kind" , and hopefully will be worn
to make many fun memories!

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  1. OMG I LOVE THEM SO SO SO MUCH!! YOU DID A GREAT JOB!! You have some serious talent! I really appreciate everything you have made for this trip. Not that I want to cause fellow cruisers to stumble, but Alessondra's outfits will be envied by so many!
    Thank you bunches,